Md Ashiqur Rahman
     
  
(+1) 480-310-7674 | | ashiqopu | ashiqopu117
Research Data-centric networking, vehicular networks.
Coding C/C++, familiar with Python, Java, Bash.
Others TCP/IP, Database Systems, Information Retrieval.
The University of Arizona AZ, U.S.A
    
 
2016 - 05/2022
The University of Arizona AZ, U.S.A
       2016 - 2020
Khulna Univ. of Engineering & Technology
        2011 - 2015
Graduate Associate, The University of Arizona AZ, U.S.A
 2016 - Present
Analyzing network and transport layer with Named Data Network-
ing (NDN) in mobile ad-hoc, delay-tolerant and challenging net-
 2016 - Present
Instructor: CSC 210 Soware Development (Summer 2020)
TA: CSC 425 Computer Networks; CSC 452 Operating Systems
Computer Sc. & Engrg., Daodil Intl. Univ.
 2015 - 2016
Mentor: Competitive Programming (Beginner-Intermediate).
Courses instructed: CSE 221 Algorithms; CSE 134 Data Structures.
Computer Science and Engineering, KUET Bangladesh
     
 
2014 - 2015
Studying scheduling algorithms and applications of Network Cod-
ing in On-demand Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks.
SGIPC (Special Group of Interest in
Programming Contests), KUET
    2012 - 2015
NDN in mobile ad-hoc, delay-tolerant and
challenging networks.
Improving data retrieval rate, throughput and reducing latency us-
ing data-centric approach compared to traditional TCP/IP.
Publications: One accepted at IC3N 2021 and one published at
ICC Workshops 2020.
Tools: ndnSIM, C++
Network Coded Data Dissemination in
RSU-based Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks
Minimize wireless broadcast data transmissions and overall
Vehicle-to-RSU communication latency to provide improved road-
safety and infotainment.
Achieved significant lower latency and wireless broadcast over-
head with high data-retrieval rate.
Publications: Two Journals and four Conference papers. Two as
first author, two as second and two as third (Google Scholar).
Tools: CSIM (C, C++)
Weighted Dropout: Supporting Multi-Level
Annotations for Medical Literature on Patient,
Interventions and Outcomes
Distance-based variable-dropout using tokens of interest for an-
notating abstracts from medical literature.
Focusing on contextual realationship in sparse dataset.
Near-SotA performance with near-half model training time.
Tools: Python, Tensorflow, Docker.
Components of MINIBASE DBMS in C 2017
Implemented self-resizing Heapfile manager, Buer manager
Implemented B+ tree (non-balancing)
Building (a part of) Watson 2017
An end-to-end Information Retrieval system that indexes a large
set of Wikipedia pages to retrieve top relevant pages for short
queries similar to the Jeopardy game.
Tools: Scala, Apache Maven, Lucene.
Email Spam classifier 2017
Built a spam classifier model by training with spam la-
beled/unlabeled dataset and finding similarity between unknown
Tools: Scala, Apache Maven, Lucene.
Implementing a Soware Router in C 2016
Wrote the ARP protocol for IP forwarding, and PWOSPF routing al-
gorithm that can react to link changes.
Gas Station Automation 2014
Easy and secured management of gas station’s monetary, reposi-
tory, and human resources and report generation using cloud ser-
Tools: C#, SQL, ASP.NET, Crystal Report, JavaScript
      