Md Ashiqur Rahman

Researcher ~ Problem solver ~ Mentor

About Me

My full name is spelled as [First:] Mohammed Ashiqur [Last:] Rahman, and thus the "Md". Preferred shortname is "Ashiq". Currently I am a graduate assistant at The University of Arizona and pursuing my doctorate degree in Computer Science. I love playing badminton, watching movies, sightseeing, taking pictures, and following latest tech news.


I am working in the Network Research Lab (NRL) with Dr. Beichuan Zhang and focusing on application and challenges of Named Data Networking in ad-hoc networks and disruption tolerant networks. Previously I worked on scheduling algorithms and network coding for vehicle-to-infrastructure communication in Vehucular Ad-hoc Networks (VANETs). I am also interested in Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Software Engineering.


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I started my doctoral program in the Department of Computer Science at The University of Arizona in August 2016. 7+ years of experience as a researcher, developer, problem-solver, mentor, and instructor. Love to work on challenging problems and finding more straightforward solutions that others might easily overlook.


Office: GS 718


Computer Science, College of Science, The University of Arizona

1040 E. 4th Street, Tucson AZ 85721